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Jewelry SEO

If you own or work at a jewelry store, you know it's a competitive market. Digital marketing efforts are a great way to help get your site in front of more people, especially when it comes to SEO, or search engine optimization.

Jewelry SEO is not easy, but investing in it will improve your site's ranking and drive more organic traffic. Whether you have a jewelry business online or a brick and mortar location, improving your jewelry marketing efforts will help you attract more relevant traffic, outrank other jewelry sites, and grow your profits!

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Search Engine Optimization: What You Need To Know

There are so many things that local businesses or jewelry marketing agencies need to do in order to rank well on the search engine result pages (SERPs). SEO requires constant attention and effort if you want your jewelry business to succeed online.

Fortunately, this article will provide jewelry companies with all of the information they’ll need in order to optimize their websites for jewelry SEO, including choosing keywords, writing informative content, and more.

Why is Jewelry Store SEO an Important Part Of Your Marketing Strategy?

Jewelry SEO can help jewelry companies rank higher on Google’s result pages when people search for related terms and phrases. When jewelry companies rank higher, they’re more likely to be found by potential customers, which can lead to more traffic and sales.

Using jewelry SEO strategies can help organically funnel potential customers into leads and conversions.

SEO for Jewelry Stores

Jewelry websites have so much potential for optimization. Although it requires a lot of effort, you’ll see your SEO efforts start to pay off once your site ranks more highly, you get more traffic, and, most importantly, you get more profit!

SEO for Jewelry Websites

SEO consists of three main parts. These SEO elements are relevant to all industries, jewelry included.

Technical SEO

Technical optimization is when jewelry companies make changes to their jewelry website in order to help it rank higher. For example, you might make sure any broken links are fixed, images are optimized, and more.

Page speed is another very important factor; slow-loading pages can cause more visitors to leave your site, resulting in fewer leads and sales.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO includes several different components including

  • Choosing keywords
  • Adding internal and external links
  • Updating alt tags

Whether it’s jewelry blog content, optimized pages, or your homepage, look carefully at your SEO plan to ensure you’re covering your on-page bases.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page optimization is when jewelry companies promote their jewelry websites through other means, like getting links back to their website from other websites. This practice is commonly known as link building.

Make sure you have links from authoritative, relevant sites with a high domain authority score. You should also use relevant keywords as your anchor text. Your link building strategy may involve you reaching out to another jewelry site and asking them to add a link back to your business through target keywords.

Jewelry SEO Keywords for Your Business Online

Keywords are one of the most important aspects of SEO for jewelry companies. The right keywords will make or break your website and impact your traffic.

A close up of diamond rings at a jewelry store | jewelry seo guide

How to Choose the Right Jewelry Keywords

When it comes to keywords, you want to strike a balance between the keyword difficulty, or how hard it will be to rank for a keyword, and the search volume, or how many searches the keyword gets each month.

For example, some keywords may be easy to rank for but may not receive enough search volume to justify the effort it takes to create content that ranks for them.

The Best Keyword Research Tools to Help You

To simplify the process, we recommend using tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush. These both offer limited services for free.

Best SEO Practices for Jewelry Product Pages

As with SEO for any business, following the best practices laid out by Google will give you the best chance of dominating the search rankings for jewelry keywords.

Write a Compelling a Title Tag

Your title tag is the first thing someone sees in search results. It should include your jewelry store’s name and any key jewelry product details or phrases. Write something engaging that people will want to click on!

As a best practice, keep your title tag between 40 and 60 characters. Keep in mind that Google sometimes rewrites title tags!

Create a Winning Meta Description

Use jewelry keywords in your meta description. Your meta description tag is what you see in the search engine results when jewelry companies come up in Google, Yahoo!, or Bing searches.

You want to use jewelry keywords here so that jewelry customers will know exactly what type of jewelry you’re selling when they see your jewelry store in the search results. Your meta description should be between 140 and 160 characters.

Add Internal Links

One way to improve jewelry SEO is to add internal links on your website. Internal links are links from one page on your website to another page on your website. When you add internal links, you tell Google that the pages on your website are related to each other. This can help jewelry companies increase their rankings for jewelry-related keywords.

Write Image Alt Text

Jewelry stores should use alt tags for their images because it helps jewelry companies rank higher in Google’s image search results pages. It’s important to make sure that your jewelry website has alt tags for each image, which are alternate text snippets that describe what the image is about.

Alt tags are not visible on most browsers by default, but they show up when you hover over an image with your mouse or touch it with your finger if you’re using a mobile phone or tablet. They also appear as part of the HTML code for the page so web crawlers like Googlebot can find them easily.

People who are visually impaired use alt tags to help them understand what’s depicted in an image.

Jewelry companies should make sure they use jewelry-related keywords as alt tags on their jewelry images, such as “gold jewelry” or “silver jewelry.”

Feature Keywords in Headings and Descriptions

Another great practice is to incorporate keywords and related keywords into your product’s headings and description. Use jewelry related keywords in your jewelry store’s product titles, headings, and descriptions to tell Google what they are about. You can also add jewelry-related keywords to all your jewelry pages’ H1 tags, which is the main heading on each page.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should avoid keyword stuffing, or including your keywords (and long tail keywords) too many times throughout your content. Try using other words or keyword variations instead to make things appear as organic as possible.

Technical SEO Practices for Jewelry Websites

Technical SEO is the process of making sure search engines understand the structure of your jewelry company’s website.

Audit Your Site

Auditing your jewelry website for technical SEO is a good first step to increase jewelry SEO.

A site audit will help you identify any broken links, missing images, or other issues that may be affecting jewelry SEO.

It’s important to make sure your jewelry store site is free of any technical errors and can load quickly; Google ranks sites with fast loading speeds higher in search results pages than those with slower page loads.

The following are some things you should check during an audit:

Make Sure You Have a Sitemap

Check your sitemap (a list of all the pages on your jewelry website) and ensure it has all the necessary webpages, including “contact” and “about us” sections. These pages may not be included if they’re automatically generated by a CMS software like WordPress.

Jewelry companies should make sure their sitemap covers all jewelry pages on their jewelry website and is accessible both by search engines and visitors to the jewelry store site.

Create a Robots.txt File

A robots.txt file is a text file containing instructions for search engine crawlers to know what pages jewelry companies should appear in search engine results and which pages jewelry companies want to block from appearing in search engine results.

You can use a robots.txt file if you want jewelry websites to block certain pages from indexation by Google, but it’s not recommended unless jewelry stores have a specific reason for blocking crawlers.

Optimize Your Images

Image optimization is extremely important. Make sure your pictures are properly compressed when you add them to your jewelry website. This will ensure jewelry pages load fast on all devices.

Fix Any Broken Links

You should also repair any broken links on your pages. Those broken links may eventually lead users to leave your jewelry store and go to a competitor’s website.

Check Your Page Loading Speeds

You should check the speed of jewelry pages using services like Google’s PageSpeed Insights or Pingdom Tools to make sure your jewelry website loads quickly.

Make Sure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly

Google has stated that it will prioritize jewelry websites in search results for mobile searchers, so it’s important to make sure your jewelry store’s website is optimized for mobile devices.

Local SEO Tips for Jewelry Stores

If you sell jewelry, chances are you want to appeal to a local audience, or people who will come look in your brick and mortar location at pieces. If this is the case, you’ll need to pay close attention to your local SEO.

Write Content Featuring Local Keywords

One step you can take is to create content that features local keywords to attract local jewelry searches. For example, jewelry stores in San Diego can use their city’s name in posts like “San Diego Pearl Jewelry,” “The Best Places To Find Pearls In San Diego,” or “Engagement Rings San Diego.”

Include Location in Headings, Slugs, and More

When you create posts and pages, make sure you include local jewelry company keywords in elements such as:

  • Headings
  • Title tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Product descriptions
  • URLs

Apply for Local Citations

You should also claim all your listings across any local directories. Make sure your store has an especially strong business profile on jewelry directories. Local directories are good for search engine optimization because they can increase jewelry search traffic.

It’s important to make sure your local citations contain accurate information about the location of your jewelry store or physical location.

Local optimization allows you to target customers searching within a specific region.

Optimize Your Google My Business Profile

Don’t underestimate the power of Google My Business. You should set your jewelry business’s information to use jewelry company keywords and make sure critical information, such as the following is correct:

  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Website
  • Social media links

Paid Ads vs SEO

When you’re competing against jewelry websites that may be using every digital marketing tool available, you should consider taking advantage of paid ads like Facebook ads and Google Ads. Paid ads can help independent jewelry brands compete with larger jewelry businesses.

Paid Ads for Jewelry Stores

Jewelry stores can use paid ads to promote jewelry products in jewelry websites.

Paid advertising is one of the most efficient ways to build your jewelry store’s search traffic and visibility online. Paid ads are also great for jewelry companies who want to increase their social media presence and get in front of more potential customers.

When you use Google Ads, a link to your site will show up above organic search results, improving visibility and increasing brand awareness.

SEO for Jewelry Companies

While paid ads can be published quickly, SEO takes time. Once you have your strategy up and running, however, you’ll get visibility by ranking highly in search results. Unlike paid ads, SEO is free (after you spend any time or money to create your content, of course).

Our Jewelry SEO Services

5K | Formerly Conklin Media offers everything you need to help your jewelry store rank higher in search results. This includes:

  • High-quality content that’s rich in keywords
  • Backlinks that will help move the needle
  • Technical SEO audits to improve your site health score
  • Google My Business optimization and local citation outreach
A woman admiring a necklace at a jewelry business

Frequently Asked Questions About Jewelry SEO

Jewelry companies need jewelry-related keywords and keyword phrases for their products to rank high in Google. The types of keywords you should choose depend on the products you offer. There’s no point in ranking for something if it’s not going to match what you have to offer your customers.

The best jewelry-related keywords depend on the jewelry you want to optimize your jewelry store for. If you’re a pearl jewelry company, then words like “pearls,” “pearl necklace,” and “pearl bracelet” are good keyword ideas. If you sell gold jewelry, you should use terms like “gold necklace,” “gold earrings,” or even more specific terms that describe what type of jewelry you have available, such as “14k gold cufflinks.”

There are many factors that can affect jewelry SEO success, including the jewelry company’s position in search results prior to starting their jewelry SEO campaign, the keywords they’re trying to rank for, and even seasonal fluctuations in shopping habits. These factors make it difficult to give an exact timeline for jewelry SEO success.

The only thing you can do is follow best practices and create the highest quality content. To try to speed things up, you can submit your new content in Google Search Console for indexing.

SEO isn’t the only tactic jewelry companies can use when it comes to digital marketing. You should also look into conversion rate optimization, content marketing, PPC campaigns, and social media.

The jewelry store should either hire an experienced jewelry SEO agency or consult one of the many sites or courses on jewelry SEO available. It’s also helpful to check out jewelry websites that are already ranking in Google to get a good idea of what tactics work.

Optimizing for Google is different from optimizing for other platforms. Although you’ll need to do competitor research and study keywords, you’ll likely need to employ additional tactics when listing your jewelry on Amazon or Etsy.

Common jewelry search engine optimization mistakes include using unrelated keywords, producing low-quality content, publishing duplicate content, and not updating websites with fresh content regularly enough.

When optimizing jewelry videos for your Youtube channel, remember that jewelry keywords are not enough to get your video ranking. You’ll need to work on other factors, including quality of the content, thumbnail image, creating an eye-catching description, and more.

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