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Jewelry Content

Jewelers often struggle to find the time to create compelling content that resonates with their target audience and drives sales. With the rise of digital marketing, quality jewelry content is more important than ever for connecting with customers and standing out from competitors. But you’re busy, and you shouldn’t have to worry about jewelry content marketing on top of everything else! 

5K | Formerly Conklin Media’s team of professional writers and designers specialize in creating jewelry content that captivates audiences and achieves results. From blog posts to videos and beyond, we help develop an effective jewelry content strategy tailored to your brand and goals.

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What Is Content Marketing for Jewelry Businesses?

Content marketing for the jewelry industry involves creating engaging resources like blog posts, videos, and social media content to attract and educate jewelry buyers. You’ll need to focus on all areas of the marketing funnel, from providing value to encouraging purchases.

Why Should You Incorporate Content in Your Jewelry Marketing?

At 5K | Formerly Conklin Media, we believe that there are three core reasons why jewelry brands should make content marketing a central part of their digital strategy: building trust and credibility, increasing brand awareness, and improving SEO and discoverability. By consistently publishing high-quality, valuable content tailored to your audience, jewelry brands can establish themselves as authoritative voices in the industry, expand their reach and visibility, and optimize their content for search engines – leading to more sales and growth over time.

Build Trust and Credibility

Quality jewelry business content that educates and informs is one of the best ways to build trust and credibility with potential customers. Rather than hard selling your products, focus on creating content that demonstrates your expertise in the jewelry space. For example, provide guides on how to choose the right gemstones or metal types, give advice on jewelry care and cleaning, spotlight new design trends, and more. This type of valuable content shows customers that you are a trusted authority. 

Increase Brand Awareness

Developing consistent, high-quality jewelry content gives your brand more opportunities to get in front of target customers and make an impression. The more touchpoints you have – through blog posts, social media updates, videos, etc. – the more chances you have to connect with jewelry buyers, capture their attention, and spark their interest. Even if readers don’t convert to sales right away, quality content builds awareness of your brand in their minds. This increased visibility and discovery will pay off in the long run as customers are more likely to think of and recognize your brand when they have a need.

Improve SEO and Discoverability

Optimizing your jewelry content for keywords and search visibility should be a top priority. The majority of jewelry customers now start their research online, searching for products, styles, and brands. If your content ranks highly in those Google searches for relevant jewelry terms, it will put your brand front and center when buyers are actively looking to make purchases. Highly optimized content helps jewelry brands get discovered by people who are already interested in their offerings. From guides ranking for “how to clean diamond rings” to product pages targeting “dainty gold necklaces”, strategic keyword-focused content is critical for jewelry SEO and findability. 

Leveraging Your Jewelry Content Across Platforms

Once you’ve developed compelling jewelry content, it’s time to put it to work! Get the most mileage from your content by sharing it across multiple platforms and formats.


Instagram is a visual platform perfect for jewelry brands. Turn your blog posts into bite-sized Instagram captions by choosing key informative or inspirational points from the post to highlight in the caption. Create fun and engaging Instagram Reels by capturing short video clips showing behind-the-scenes of your jewelry production or styling sessions. Post sequences of high-quality product photos that hint at your broader blog content and direct people to your site for the full story. Repurpose user generated content from customers wearing or unboxing your pieces to boost engagement and visibility.


Actively promote new blog posts and content in Facebook groups and communities relevant to your target audience. Run paid Facebook ad campaigns featuring your blog imagery and user generated content to get your jewelry in front of more potential buyers. Share short but compelling quotes, tips, or product highlights from your long-form blog articles natively on Facebook to give followers a teaser.


Organize your blog content by themes and topics in eye-catching Pinterest boards for easy discovery by interested users. Turn specific tips, product spotlights, designer interviews and other blog articles into visually striking pins featuring great jewelry photos. Include links back to the full blog content. Pinterest is ideal for showcasing your pieces and collections.



Compile unused jewelry making process footage, raw clips and behind-the-scenes content into engaging YouTube videos like tutorials, facility tours, and brand storytelling. Conduct interviews with your designers talking through their creative inspiration and jewelry techniques. Create short clips demonstrating your best jewelry care instructions or styling methods.


Capture short and fun TikTok videos showing glimpses of your jewelry production process. Make creative styling videos set to current trending audios. Showcase new product arrivals and do jewelry unboxings tailored to the TikTok audience.

Optimizing your content for each platform allows you to maximize its visibility and value. Repackage assets in new ways while keeping messaging consistent and on-brand across channels.

How to Develop Great Jewelry Content

Are you creating your own content? If you’re looking to sell jewelry, here are a few recommendations we have for your jewelry brand:

Understand Your Audience

The first step in developing effective jewelry content is researching who your target audience is and what resonates most with them. Study your customer demographics like age ranges, income levels, locations, marital status, etc. Analyze your current content and identify any gaps in topics that appeal to your audience. For example, younger buyers may appreciate styling and gifting guides, while older luxury buyers want expertise on gems and metals. Use surveys and social listening to see what your audience cares about most. Tailor content styles and topics to align with their interests and needs.

Balance Products and Insights

The best jewelry content provides value beyond just product promotion. Focus on sharing unique industry insights, guidance, and education that positions your brand as an authoritative resource. For example, behind-the-scenes designer interviews or analyzing new trends. This high-quality content earns audience attention and trust. Once you have that, seamlessly weave in product features or new arrivals where relevant. For example, write a trend report on rose gold, then highlight your rose gold offerings. Find that balance between deep value and strategic product integration.

Optimize for Jewelry SEO

Keyword research should inform your content creation so you can optimize pages and posts for jewelry search terms. Include relevant keywords in titles, URLs, meta descriptions, image alt text, headings and content. Optimize page structure and internal linking as well. This on-page SEO ensures your content will rank highly when customers search for those exact topics and questions. This helps more people find your jewelry online.

Promote Content Across Channels

Don’t just publish content and leave it. Actively promote your jewelry content across social media channels to maximize reach. Whether it’s sharing user generated content or articles you’ve written, incorporating everything into your social media marketing strategy can help boost jewelry sales.

What Jewelry Brands Need for Successful Content Marketing

Content marketing works best when you have top-notch copy paired with high-quality, professional photos. No matter what type of content you create, make sure you do so with your ideal audience in mind.

Creative Assets

Visual content is critical for catching interest and conveying jewelry’s artistic nature. Invest in high-quality photos, videos, and other media to make your content shine. Lifestyle imagery and close-up product shots should sparkle. Consider animations or 360 imagery to showcase designs. Dynamic media captures attention and improves engagement and sharing.

Compelling Topics

Brainstorm creative headlines and angles tailored specifically to your audience’s interests. For example, gifting ideas tied to holidays or pop culture trends. Share styling tips referencing what’s hot. Q&A formats are popular. Tap into your email lists and social media followers to crowdsource topic ideas. Research competitor content as well. Stay on top of trends and current events to capitalize on timely topics.

Promotional Strategy

Amplify your content across marketing channels through email, social media, paid ads, influencer partnerships, and more. Promote through email newsletters and retargeting campaigns. Schedule social media posts to recirculate evergreen content. Run PPC ads to drive traffic to high-performing pages. Pitch relevant guest posting opportunities. Repurpose content into new formats. Develop a structured distribution plan for maximum impact.


Use Google Analytics, social listening, and other tools to see what content resonates most. Identify top-performing topics, formats, and distribution channels. Double down on what succeeds and eliminate what doesn’t. Continuously test new content types and angles and optimize based on performance data. Analytics allow you to continually refine your content approach.

Ongoing Commitment

Effective content marketing requires an ongoing commitment, not just a one-off effort. Plan out an editorial content calendar to keep new posts, videos, etc. flowing consistently over time. Set a regular content creation schedule and stick to it. Continually add new blog articles, refresh evergreen resources, promote on social media, and repurpose existing content. Consistency is key – the more content you publish, the more opportunities you have to attract and engage jewelry customers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jewelry Content

The best jewelry social media platforms include: 

  • Instagram – This visual platform is ideal for sharing high quality photos and videos of your jewelry designs, finished pieces, behind-the-scenes of your process, etc. You can use relevant hashtags and geo-tagging to help people find your content.
  • Pinterest – Great for creating eye-catching pinboards of jewelry photos that people can save and share. The visual nature makes it easy to showcase your designs.
  • Facebook – Allows you to create Shop sections to sell jewelry directly. Can also create Facebook ads to promote your jewelry content and brand.
  • TikTok – Fun short video content showing you designing/making jewelry or styling pieces could go viral. Duets and challenges can expand your reach.

Here are some examples of jewelry images we’ve found work well for jewelry content for our clients, whether they’re creating blog posts or ad creative: 

  • Close-up styled shots of rings, necklaces, earrings modeled on a person. Directly facing camera for maximum detail.
  • Lifestyle imagery of jewelry being worn in everyday settings or special occasions. Conveys how pieces can be styled and lets people envision themselves with the jewelry. 
  • Flatlay/overhead shots of jewelry grouped artfully together with textures, flowers, etc. Showcases collections. 
  • Behind-the-scenes photos/videos of you making jewelry in your studio space. Provides an authentic, personal look at your process.
  • Model shots of jewelry on props like jewelry busts, hands, velvet stands. Crisp, clean images showcasing design details.

Here are some examples of jewelry blog topics that are the type of content we’ve seen rank highly for jewelry businesses we work with: 

  • Spotlight on specific jewelry materials – gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, gems, etc.
  • Behind the scenes – wire wrapping, bead stringing, metalworking, etc.
  • Jewelry trends and forecasting upcoming styles.
  • Interviews with jewelry designers on their inspiration and process.
  • Jewelry brand spotlights or designer spotlights.
  • Jewelry gift guides – for holidays, occasions, recipients, budgets, etc.
  • History of jewelry styles through different eras – Victorian, Art Deco, mid-century, etc.
  • Jewelry care and cleaning tips.
  • Styling jewelry guides – how to layer necklaces, mix metals, accessorize outfits, etc.

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