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Jodi Conklin


Meet Jodi, the business maven and HR superstar who’s making waves in the digital industry! As the sole owner of Conklin Media, Jodi knows a thing or two about juggling multiple responsibilities, and she does it all with style and humor. With her husband lending his marketing expertise, Jodi leads the charge in HR, making sure her team is happy and productive. Whether she’s negotiating salaries or dishing out jokes, Jodi’s got a unique approach that sets her apart. With her can-do attitude and quick wit, Jodi’s making a name for herself in the marketing world. If you’re looking for someone who’s got brains, beauty, and a whole lot of heart, look no further than Jodi!

Dave Conklin

Founder & CEO

Dave Conklin is Conklin Media’s founder, chief executive officer and marketing maven extraordinaire. It’s Dave’s mission to create products and services that propel our clients to growth and success. This Lancaster, Pennsylvania, resident also builds communications strategies to tell the world about our clients as well as ensures Conklin Media has the best team in place to knock everything our clients hand us out of the park.

“Almost once a week, we get an email from a client who shares with us a success that they’ve had because of partnering with us,” Dave says. “This has become one of the biggest joys in doing what we do. When someone goes out of their way to tell you something great—completely unsolicited—you know that you’re doing something good.”

Dave was an award-winning real estate agent before serving as co-founder and president of, which earned distinction in Inc. Magazine in back-to-back years as one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States. Dave also served as co-founder and president of ProspectMX, helping companies nationwide through digital marketing.

At Conklin Media, Dave and his leadership team have helped companies land more than 1 million leads and millions of dollars in revenue. Conklin Media offers clients custom marketing strategy development, consulting and training. The Quarryville, Pennsylvania-based marketing agency, serving clients locally, throughout the United States and across the world, also offers website development, social media marketing, paid search marketing and “done-for-you” marketing.

Some of Dave’s favorite achievements at Conklin Media include helping grow Riverwood Cabins’ revenue more than 300 percent in a single year, helping create more than $2 million in revenue from zero revenue with and helping an online photo canvas retailer achieve $250,000 in revenue from Facebook traffic in a single month from $50,000 beforehand.

For Dave, the bottom line in marketing is ROI. Whereas some other marketing agencies focus on clicks, views and impressions, these data are inconsequential unless they help tell the story behind blossoming profit margins. “I love tracking,” he says. “The fact that you can literally watch what people are doing on a landing page and make modifications to increase conversions is so cool—and yet less than 2 percent of our clients have any tracking in place when they come to us.”

Outside his career, Dave and his wife, Jodi, are passionate about their faith and very involved with their church. This couple is also committed to helping with water projects in India, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and other countries. “We believe that those who are blessed have a requirement to help those who are less fortunate, and that steers much of our decision-making,” he says. Dave’s also a die-hard New York Yankees fan and lover of Audi automobiles and all things Apple.

Kyle Porter

Director of Strategy

Kyle Porter is Conklin Media’s Director of Strategy. He’s responsible for organizing the overall direction of client campaigns, making sure that clients are able to meet their business goals and coordinating the work that each of our departments do on client projects.

Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, Kyle is passionate about client success and believes that going above and beyond to communicate clearly and build real relationships is where that success comes from.

“You have to take the time to show people that they’re important to you,” he says. “People can tell when you care about them, and it’s the little things you do day after day that really build that strong foundation.”

For Kyle, the North Star is always making sure that clients get a clear return on their investment with us. He believes that we have an obligation to be clear about the business results we’re getting and the value that we’re providing, and with the team we have here at Conklin, he’s proud to show off that work.

Outside of work, Kyle loves to hang out with his kids, take his wife on dates, play with his dogs, and hit the gym. He’s also a big Georgia Bulldogs football fan and an avid reader (mostly marketing books with some epic fantasy mixed in too).

Pam Abreu

Account Executive

Pam Abreu serves as Conklin Media’s account manager. She’s on top of hundreds of tasks coming down the pike each month and is in regular communication with the business growth agency’s dozens of clients.

Pam joined Conklin Media in April 2020 and quickly helped ensure projects moved along smoothly. “I make sure that our client’s work gets done!” she said. “From the initial kickoff call to project completion, I make sure that my colleagues have what they need to complete your project. On a month-to-month basis, I work with our teams to schedule our different projects and set them up for success.

Pam, of Mountville, Pennsylvania, also pitches in by testing websites, wordsmithing product descriptions, and helping out with odds and ends that need to be completed.

Pam started her career in the sports world, working for the Lancaster Barnstormers as the minor league baseball team’s marketing and public relations manager. She also spent five-and-a-half years as a director of account management for a Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based digital marketing agency and managing event planning for a premier outdoor living company.

Pam enjoys working with Conklin Media’s industry-spanning client base. “There are so many different industries that we serve,” she said. “There is something to learn about each company. They are all unique and have different needs. The fact that we are able to acquire a knowledge base that helps all of them with their different needs is extremely impressive. It’s great to be able to help them reach their goals.”

Pam takes supreme satisfaction in watching Conklin Media clients’ business grow. “They entrust us with their business, and we take their passion and make it our own,” she said. “From dog bowls to robots, there is something new to learn about each business, and I enjoy seeing our clients provide us the insight into their business and us being able to help their business thrive.”

Pam’s job keeps her on her feet because the marketing industry changes so quickly. From Mad Men until now, the way that marketing has evolved is so interesting,” she said. “Digital marketing is so scientific in some ways (which I am not), but it infuses creativity to spark consumers’ interest. There’s so much you can learn from analytics regarding behavior. What’s not interesting about that?”

When her daily task list is accounted for, Pam enjoys planning trips and traveling as much as possible and eating good food. She also relishes spending time with family and friends and her dog, Sampras. Playing tennis, cooking, and following the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Phillies and Flyers are high on her list of favorite things to do. Plus, being involved in “all things Lancaster.”

Jonathan Hostetler

Director of Client Success

Based in Lancaster, PA, Jonathan Hostetler is the Director of Client Success at Conklin Media. He joined the company in February 2022, bringing with him a wealth of experience in digital marketing and business growth services.

Throughout his career, Jonathan has either personally built or managed teams that have run thousands of marketing campaigns across various channels, including SEO, email marketing, paid advertising, reputation management, and more. His focus at Conklin Media is on client success and growth, and he works to find new opportunities to expand and grow current campaigns while uncovering new untapped marketing opportunities for clients.

One of Jonathan’s favorite things about working with Conklin Media’s clients is the opportunity to partner with successful companies in various industries to significantly grow their businesses and see direct increases in profit from the work they do together. He is particularly proud of his work with a client in the education space, successfully competing against some of the most prestigious universities across the country to get students for their higher education program.

Jonathan is passionate about creating multi-channel marketing strategies and campaigns that directly increase a company’s profits. He is particularly interested in local SEO domination, but also loves paid advertising, conversion rate optimization, reputation management, campaign automation, and more.

Outside of work, Jonathan enjoys spending time with his family, exploring various health, healing, and spiritual topics and activities, and visiting new places with his drone.

Steve McMillen

Technical Director

Steve McMillen is Conklin Media’s technical development director. The Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, resident is involved in any project at the business growth agency as long as code is involved. “Whether that means delegating tasks to our other developers or firing up the code editor myself, I make sure our technical development projects get done and get done well,” he says. “I regularly interact with clients and bridge the gap between the complicated world of developers and leaders driven by business decisions.”

Steve enjoys working with the agency’s clients. “Our clients are hungry for extracting the full potential from their businesses,” he says. “They are eager to hear ideas and solutions from the outstanding team that has been assembled here at Conklin Media, and we are just as excited to be helping them grow and reach those goals.”

On almost every project he’s worked on, Steve has been able to dismantle the notion that development teams are unresponsive and slow. “I love demonstrating to clients that we are something different by giving them quick turnarounds and creative solutions when other agency have failed them,” he says.

Steve has been writing code and managing projects since 2007. He’s developed games, web apps, e-learning content and, of course, websites.  From touching up front-end CSS to writing Javascript libraries, custom APIs, server-side logic and database schemas, Steve, who relishes the creative process, has written code for every part of the web development process. “I’ve managed development projects that cost over $500,000 and spanned a full year, involving teams of designers and developers,” he says.

When he’s away from his computer rig, Steve loves being creative some more, spending time in his woodshop or working on his home. He also loves simply enjoying creation. “I love traveling with my family and enjoying the wonders of God’s creation,” he says.

Danny Wilson

Director of Paid Search

Danny Wilson, who resides in Lancaster PA, is the Director of Paid Traffic at Conklin Media. Danny’s experience in digital marketing and online reputation management includes managing successful paid advertising and content marketing campaigns while leading teams and client communication.

As Director of Paid Traffic, Danny creates paid traffic campaigns for clients, oversees the performance of the paid advertising specialists, and serves as the primary point of contact for all paid advertising efforts.

Danny loves working with Conklin Media’s clients, who he finds are strategic and focused, and he enjoys identifying and implementing successful strategies to help them increase their profits. He is passionate about strategy and stories and loves creating clear paths towards growth for clients through paid advertising, content marketing, online reputation management, and conversion-focused copywriting.

In his free time, Danny enjoys spending time with his wife, working out, playing guitar, and reading books on theology and philosophy, specifically writings on Eastern Orthodox spirituality.

Jose (Pepe) Alcazar Camargo

Paid Media Associate

Pepe, a graduate from Millersville University’s class of 2020, has a degree in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing. He now serves as Conklin Media’s Paid Media Associate and resides in Malaga, Spain. Before joining the Conklin Media team, Pepe was involved in a variety of digital marketing projects after finishing his college degree. He also completed two remote internships at business growth startups, which allowed him to fulfill his passion for Marketing, as well as obtain more experience.

Working with paid media for Conklin Media’s clients, Pepe manages, creates, and optimizes Amazon, Facebook, and Google ad campaigns. In doing these things Pepe says he enjoys working with our clients and seeing their drive to succeed. “Our clients are passionate about growing their brands and being leaders in their respective industries.” Pepe also loves how quick our clients are to offer suggestions. He says, “they are willing to try new strategies to improve their key metrics and grow as a business.”

Pepe says “I don’t like giving myself too much credit when I know there’s still always room for improvement, however, recently I started working on some email campaigns for a client and in just three days, we were able to generate them over two thousand dollars in sales. I’m very happy and excited about that.”

From a young age, Pepe sparked an interest in the marketing industry. “Since I was about 10 years old I was very interested in how these people on tv went from doing a commercial to growing their businesses to 7 figures,” Pepe states. The minute he realized how the whole customer value journey works, he was hooked and has always wanted to improve every day to become the best at what he does. He enjoys a challenge and especially loves the science of copywriting and messaging. Pepe says, “I love how tracking metrics successfully and doing things on the backend, you can achieve so many things that were not possible with traditional Marketing 20 years ago.”

When he’s not creating ad campaigns or learning more in his field, you can find Pepe doing the other things he loves: playing tennis, hiking, going to the beach with friends and especially listening to music. Learning and listening to different types of music is one of his favorite hobbies because Pepe says, “music has helped me get through tough times in the past and will always make my mood a lot better.” Pepe also likes to read because he enjoys having a broad knowledge base and learning how to become better as a person and a professional.

Manny Martinez

Special Projects Coordinator

After 18 years in the food and beverage industry, Manny Martinez joined the Conklin Media team as our Special Projects Coordinator in November 2021. Having held the title of Chef for the last 10 years of his previous career, Manny brings exceptional leadership experience and a unique perspective to the team.

In his time with the food and beverage industry, Manny has led several teams of 20 or more team members each, always emphasizing kindness, respect, efficiency and relational retention. At Conklin Media, Manny continues to champion these values, which he finds are reflected in the expansive range of services clients entrust to our team thanks to strong, long-standing relationships and previous successes.

As our Special Projects Coordinator, Manny is involved in a variety of areas, but one of the largest projects he is heading is the development and implementation of Conklin Media’s Business Growth Strategy Podcast. Manny is responsible for studio maintenance, hosting, producing, editing, and general content creation as it pertains to this podcast.

Manny is especially interested in the practice of building creatives, which are the images, videos, audio, and other creative assets delivered to users in the form of advertisements. As the Special Projects Coordinator, Manny is excited to continue expanding and evolving his role to encompass the other areas of specialties and services Conklin Media provides.

Outside of work, this Quarryville, PA resident is passionate about his faith and his family, including his wife, Kait, his daughter, Peyton, and his son, Ezekiel. Manny is also a self-proclaimed “massive Philadelphia sports fan,” especially when it comes to the Eagles. 

Karen Salem

Outreach Coordinator

Karen Salem is Conklin Media’s dedicated outreach coordinator, heading the task of reaching out to prospective clients who seem like a great fit for our company’s growth services. With a natural ability to easily build relationships and make strong connections with others, Karen provides potential clients with the information they need to make informed marketing decisions.

Recently, Karen has also begun to dabble in link building, adding onto her list of existing duties. She is focusing on creating content that will generate optimal results within search engines.

Before beginning her career with Conklin Media in May 2021, Karen cultivated experience in customer service, account specializing, and link building. She has earned a reputation for getting in touch with new clients or businesses through her interpersonal skills and ability to easily build rapport. Her determination and willingness to take on any risks without hesitation, knowing that positive results will follow, has made her one tough cookie over time.

As our outreach coordinator, Karen thrives in her role, providing an enthusiastic first impression to potential clients. “I am on the front line & get to be the first experience that potential clients have with Conklin Media,” Karen says. “It’s fulfilling to introduce them to our very talented team knowing that we can help them achieve their business growth goals.” Karen enjoys watching the clients grow from month to month, year to year.

And growth isn’t reserved just for our clients as far as Karen is concerned. One of the most satisfying aspects of her role is having the opportunity to learn and explore new areas of expertise. She has especially enjoyed being able to grow into her link building role.

For Karen, marketing is all about helping people. She wants to make sure that our clients are successful in their business endeavors and have what they need for success – and that includes continuing her marketing development skills so she can provide even better service and information from the get-go. “I love it when a client sees the potential and is willing to trust us to take them to the next level,” Karen says. “It’s kind of like Emerill, we add the BAM to their marketing.”

A Millersville, Pennsylvania resident, Karen is a whirlwind of creative energy. She spends her weekdays at work, but when the weekend comes, she loves spending time with her family and friends. Karen starts every day off right with a hot cup of Chai tea, followed by hosting large dinner parties for her family and friends! If she is not having a huge feast, you will find her on the sidelines, watching and cheering her sons’ swimming and band competitions. Just when you think there is no more time for Karen to give, she is volunteering at several places throughout the community! 

Jairus Rendoque

Paid Traffic Associate

Jairus Rendoque is a Paid Traffic Associate at Conklin Media based in the Philippines, where he started in May of 2022. Jairus has a 7-year experience in the BPO industry as a frontliner and supervisor, as well as 5 years of experience as an ESL Tutor and VA for lead generation and cold calling.

As a Paid Traffic Associate, Jairus works with the Linkbuilding team for media placements, manages client Google ads and Facebook ads, and is an all-around team player. His favorite things about working with Conklin Media clients include improving his knowledge and skills in managing their ads, enhancing his communication skills, and searching for sites for media placements.

Jairus’ favorite client-based achievements at Conklin Media include improving his communication skills, overcoming his nervousness on client calls, and getting to know his clients in-depth to deliver what is needed in their ads. As a marketer, Jairus is interested in learning more about innovative ways in marketing and AI technology to improve marketing services.

Outside of work, Jairus is passionate about living an active and healthy lifestyle, music, sports, and learning more about the marketing field.