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Successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will make you appear when people are looking for you, and convert their visits to sales or leads. We stay on top of industry trends, and offer on-site recommendations and outreach to major publications in your industry.

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Great content drives attention.

All successful SEO starts with great content. Are you being a valuable resource in your industry, or are you yelling into the void? We research your products or services and use propriety methods to write content that is relevant to what your users are looking for. Our strategies are proven to help you rank for many profitable phrases and keywords.

Build links to your business.

Creating valuable content isn’t always enough. Links from high-ranking sites send traffic your site, and tell search engines that you are an authority in your space. We use white hat techniques to get real, valuable links to your site that will boost your rankings and increase conversions.

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Own the top.

We know the path to profit

Ready to own the top listings on the search results for your relevant keywords and phrases? Here are some perks of the view.


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On Page Optimization

SEO is more than just getting links to your site. There are dozens of on page elements that determine how a site will rank, including title tags, meta descriptions, alt text, internal linking, schema, page speed, and more. Are you overwhelmed? Don’t be. Our Lancaster, PA based team has seen it all, and done it all.

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Interested in learning more about how SEO works before talking with a strategist?

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of getting more organic search traffic to your website by making sure your content is optimized, or created to rank on the first page of search results for the right keywords.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

While SEO focuses mainly on optimizing your website, search engine marketing (SEM) is geared towards helping your website gain more traffic through both organic results and paid ads.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Is your website showing up in the search engine results pages when your customers search for relevant keywords?

Are you ranking on the first page of search results?

If your search engine optimization online marketing strategy could use a boost, then our SEO experts can help.

SEO Services in a Nutshell

Interested in learning more about the components of search engine optimization management? Here’s what you should look for to guide a successful SEO strategy.

Your SEO service provider should have a great plan of action for technical SEO audits, on page optimization, and off page optimization.

The SEO process is long and complex, but the right SEO company can help you improve your organic search traffic and drive business growth.

Technical SEO

You can’t build a solid SEO strategy with a poor foundation.

If your site has fundamental SEO errors that have yet to be rectified, you won’t be seen by your target audience. From slow site speed to broken links, the details matter.

An SEO audit service won’t just let you know what’s wrong with your website; we’ll make the necessary changes, as well.

On Page SEO

On-page SEO factors, like your site content, will also play a crucial role in where your site ranks in search results. If your posts and pages aren’t up to speed, a copywriting service can help you land your dream clients.

On page tactics include:

  • SEO content writing and updates
  • Optimizing images
  • Optimizing other page elements like meta descriptions.

Off Page SEO

Your site’s overall authority and keywords for which it ranks also rely on off-page SEO, or the sites that link back to you.

If you’re struggling to find backlink opportunities, SEO link building services can identify and pursue the right opportunities.

Building links is no easy feat, but the right off site SEO service can help improve the keyword rankings of your web pages in Google search and beyond.

Local SEO

Don’t lose out on your local audience. Local search SEO services can help drive traffic to your brick-and-mortar business.

A local SEO campaign often includes

  • Localized content creation services
  • Local listings creation
  • Optimized Google My Business profiles

Even if you have a national company with many local branches, search engine optimization can make you more visible when people search for relevant products or services near them.

Professional SEO Services By Sector

SEO agencies like 5K offer a variety of search engine optimization strategies that drive website traffic and increase conversions.

No matter what industry or sector you’re doing internet marketing in, if you’re not on the first page for keywords, the right people will have trouble using search engines to find you.

Without a solid SEO strategy in place, you’ll miss out on crucial opportunities to attract new customers.

E-commerce SEO Services

Does your business have good online visibility?

If Google or other major search engines aren’t displaying your products in organic search, SEO specialists can help. There are many ranking factors at play in SEO for e-commerce stores, from including relevant keywords to conducting a site audit.

B2B SEO Services

Are you looking for more qualified leads?

Paid advertising and social media ads aren’t the only way to let people know about your business online. Showing up in organic search results is a great way to connect with customers who are looking for your services.

Shopify SEO Services

Is your Shopify store showing up in Google searches?

If not, the right SEO strategies can help! The SEO work normally revolves around choosing the best targeted keyword for a product and then developing a custom strategy to drive more site visitors.

SEO Services for Small Businesses

Even if you have a small local business, you can benefit from local search SEO and other SEO services. Search engine optimization is important for every business with an online presence.

SEO Consulting Services

SEO consulting is another option to consider when it comes to improving your search engine optimization strategy.

A great SEO team can provide recommendations based on data from relevant resources such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

A good SEO plan also starts with a competitive analysis and determination of your target customers.

Custom SEO packages are available, which may include:

  • Recommended on-page SEO tactics
  • A site audit
  • Keyword research to help you choose the right targeted keywords
  • Competitor research to see what your competition is doing well (or lacking)
  • Link building

Search Engine Optimization SEO in Combination with Other Digital Marketing Services

The best SEO specialists don’t work in a vacuum.

At the right agency, the SEO team will work with designers, developers, content specialists, and other experts to create a strategy that works in tandem with all the moving pieces in your digital marketing strategy.

Development and SEO Services

Website development and SEO also have an impact on each other.

Best SEO practices should be part of the foundation on which a website is built. An SEO professional can help with SEO website optimization.

Website Design and SEO Services

Did you know that your web design and SEO go hand in hand?

There are many design factors on your site that may be hurting your technical or on site SEO. A website SEO audit can help you determine what needs to be changed.

When it comes to designing your website, you should consider all of the following:

  • Functionality
  • Usability
  • User experience
  • SEO

Content and SEO Services

SEO copywriting is another aspect of a quality SEO strategy.

All your content, from blog posts to pages, should be properly optimized to improve your chances of ranking. A top SEO writer will be able to perform keyword research and develop a strategy for the text and other elements like title tags, meta descriptions, and internal linking.

Google Ads and SEO Services

Google Ads and SEO can also work well together.

If you have Google ads running and occupying the top spots in search results, you’re improving your chances of people visiting your website. Optimizing your site can convince customers of your relevance and encourage visitors to stay longer.

Video SEO Services

Text isn’t the only type of content you should optimize for internet marketing. If you create videos, make sure you apply video SEO so the audience you want can find your content.

Link Building SEO Services

Link building is an incredibly important aspect of SEO, and it is often performed in conjunction with content creation and technical SEO audits.

Building links often includes outreach to sites with a high domain authority rating, and then publishing content on those sites that includes a link back to your website through desired anchor text.

Do follow links are very important when it comes to improving your rankings and overall site authority.

Outsourced SEO Services

If you have a marketing team at your business but want to improve your SEO, outsourcing to an expert SEO agency is a great option. An expert SEO agency can develop a complete plan for your SEO strategies and either perform all the work or serve as a consultant.

Tips for Choosing the Best SEO Services

There are plenty of SEO companies out there to choose from, but there are also many factors you should consider when choosing an organization to work with.

Search engine optimization techniques can make or break your digital marketing strategy.

For example, you need backlinks to boost rankings, but poor quality links can cause your site’s authority to drop dramatically.

Look at Past Performance

One thing you can do to vet your options is look at an agency’s track record. Read through some case studies, ideally some that were done for clients in an industry similar to yours.

Read Testimonials from Clients

Testimonials are an excellent way to hear directly from others that have worked with a specific marketing agency. Sometimes you can reach out directly to other clients and schedule a brief conversation so you can hear directly from them.

Meet the SEO Team

If you like what you see and hear, schedule a meeting with the online marketing team who would be performing the work. Talking with the team will give you a better idea of their level of experience in digital, provide you insights into their communication style, and give you an opportunity to ask questions about tracking metrics, data, and success.

SEO can be, at times, a nebulous topic.

Because of this, it’s crucial that you have an excellent SEO strategist you can rely on to serve as a consultant or extension of your team. Look for someone who can clearly explain their decisions.

When it comes to SEO, the answer will often be “it depends.” The right team can move beyond this answer by explaining all the factors at play and what Google’s best practices are.

Search Engine Optimization Services from 5K

Interested in an SEO campaign or other internet marketing services like PPC management or social media marketing? You’re in the right place!

Our talented team has years of experience in SEO management including fixing on-site issues, content creation, and other SEO techniques, all geared towards driving business growth and profit.

We’ve handled everything from local SEO to global SEO. 5K offers one time projects or monthly SEO retainers to ensure we’re completing everything on your list and getting you seen by the audiences that matter.

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO Marketing Strategy

The vast majority of searches take place on Google, but many SEO marketing services best practices apply to other search engines, too.

Recommended SEO services vary by SEO strategy, but they often include keyword research, technical fixes for things like page speed, link building, and more. Many top SEO agencies use tools like:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • SEMrush
  • Ahrefs

Sometimes you’ll need services beyond SEO, like site development and design, to ensure your site is fully optimized for user experience.

The right SEO work for your business will depend on your company goals.

The SEO plan your marketing agency develops should revolve not just around showing up in Google searches but also showing up in searches for phrases that lead to conversions.

Your digital marketing team should be dedicated to getting you the organic traffic that matters, making sure the right users are finding your site through the keywords that will be most profitable for you and your business.

SEO services pricing varies by agency and by the amount of work performed. The capabilities of every SEO company and freelancer are different, so it’s almost impossible to give a price range without an understanding of the ins and outs of your business.

Interested in our SEO management services?

The right SEO marketing company should be transparent, offer excellent communication, and be in line with your goals.

See if the marketing agency you’re considering has a case study they can show you so you can learn more about their techniques before diving in.

The right services look different for every business, whether it be acquiring more dofollow SEO backlinks or updating existing writing so that pieces better rank.

You should also consider factors like whether your dedicated SEO strategist is willing to schedule monthly meetings with you to review areas of focus as well as progress and next steps.

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