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Our Ai ProfitPaths® Template tool creates a customized & actionable business growth strategy outline in under 3 minutes using only your business name & business description. You’ve gotta give it a go.

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We Can Create Ai Chat Bots For Your Business That Are Smarter Than You. And Wittier, too.

We hope we’re not offending you, but just take a minute to chat with Carl Crackshow, our corny plumbing expert. We think you’ll agree.

Carl Crackshow
Carl Crackshow
Carl Crackshow
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All Created with Ai from a simple text description:
"Funny illustrated plumber chatting on a computer in the style of a full color far side comic."

This image was created with Ai in 3 minutes from an image found on
C&W DustTech's site using midjourney.

This image was created with Ai in 3 minutes from an image found on
C&W DustTech's site using midjourney.

But How Useful Can This REALLY Be In My Industry?

Well, we spent some time with the team at Dupps (Thanks, guys!) We built a support chatbot that supports one of their machines. We can build tools like this to help you support your customers, incerase your revneue, and make you and your teams lives easier. Check it out!

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You probably don't have clarity yet on how powerful implementing Ai in your business will be.

We'd love to be your guide in integrating Ai into your organization. The opportunities are endless and massively impactful.

Chat with our team to schedule a strategy session where we take a look at how we can help you to increase your revenue, decrease your costs, and make your organization more efficient using our 5K Ai Technologies.

Let's Get Into Business Growth:
Introducing ProfitPaths®

Over the past two decades, clients have leveraged our expertise to amplify their revenues, minimize expenses, and streamline operations through technology and digital marketing. ProfitPaths® stands as our trusted approach to business expansion, now enhanced with the prowess of AI. Below is a brief outline of how it works.

For a deeper understanding, view the video at the top of this page.

Quick ProfitPaths® Idea Bot

Give this bot a business type and it will create a fake business name & an Impact Offering to sell to an Impact Prospect. Then, it will give you some Prospect Magnet Ideas, methods to convert, and channels you can use to market!

Play here, but for an in depth plan, use our ProfitPaths® Plan Generator at the top of this page.

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Boost Profits, Slash Expenses & Elevate Operational Efficiency.

At 5K, we unlock the transformative potential of AI for your organization, driving unparalleled results and impact.

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