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Is Your B2B or B2C Company Posting on These Lesser-Used Platforms?


The importance of social media for businesses has long been known. However, many businesses don’t know how to utilize social media, don’t have the bandwidth to manage their accounts, or are using the wrong platforms altogether. It can feel overwhelming to know what platforms to be on, especially when it seems like a new one is coming out each month, but I can assure you that picking the right site to post on can make a difference in your business.

Taking Social Media Beyond Facebook 

Of course the first social media platform that comes to mind is Facebook. It’s the OG (sorry MySpace), and everyone and their grandma (almost literally) has a profile set-up. So naturally, that’s the first account you should set-up, right? Not so fast? Is someone’s grandma really going to find value in your posts? Or is the average user looking for the type of content you’re posting? Maybe, if you’re an eCommerce brand then Facebook and by proxy, Instagram are two great platforms for you to be on. However, this blog isn’t for you, it’s for the brands and businesses who are a little bit more niche and their clientele a little bit more professional.

Two Great Platforms for Your Business 

We’ve found that many B2B companies avoid posting on social media. To many business leaders, social media posts conjure up images of Instagram, Facebook, TikTok… platforms that they’re not sure are appropriate for their brand. 

Here are two platforms where we’ve seen actual results for clients when they used organic posts: 

Posting on LinkedIn

If you’re a business professional, you’ve probably set-up your LinkedIn account. Hopefully your company also has a business profile – however, we’ve seen time and time again that often posting on LinkedIn falls to the wayside and your followers aren’t getting any updates from you. If you are a B2B company, a presence on LinkedIn might be the best social platform for you to focus your attention on. Posting once or twice a week with updates, articles, employee news or just general facts keeps your business top of mind. 

A screenshot of stats from organic posts on linkedin for a business

These statistics show the increase in visitors to our clients website over a one month period after we started consistently posting organic content to their LinkedIn company profile. 

Additionally, when you start posting organic content your employees can start to share your “news” and it will have a farther reach throughout the social landscape.

Posting on Your Google Business Profile 

I think we can all agree that LinkedIn is a great resource for B2B businesses, but a platform that is good for both B2B and B2C, especially if there is a brick and mortar location is Google Business Profile. This platform is often overlooked, but its importance should not be taken lightly. 

When using Google to search a company their Google Business Profile (GBP) is sometimes the first thing that shows up in the search results. It provides you a way to get in touch with the company quickly, get directions, see pictures, read reviews and access the website all in one place. But did you know you can post organic content as well? This platform is definitely underutilized among businesses in the social media world, but it can make a big impact. 

Results from posting on Google Business Profile

You’ll see in a one month period of sharing two posts every week we saw an increase in calls, profile views, visits to the website and searches. 

Don’t Have Time to Post on Social Media? We Can Help! 

Even knowing what platforms are best for your account, it can still feel overwhelming to come up with new content regularly to post. That’s where 5K can be of service. We help come up with the content, we post on your account and we share the metrics that matter to you. 

If you are interested in learning more about 5K’s organic social media offerings please schedule a consultation.

Pam Abreu

Pam Abreu

Pam has been working in digital marketing over the course of three decades. She has seen the industry change on a daily basis and stays in the know of what the latest trends are. Her main role is being the main point of contact for our clients. Most days you can find her on Zoom meetings discussing campaigns with clients and co-workers.


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