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The Importance of Engagement on Facebook Ads


How to Tell Which Facebook Ads Will Perform and Earn Engagement

Facebook Ads can be difficult! Sometimes it’s hard to tell which ads will perform well and which ones won’t. Although this may seem complicated, there are tricks to find out which of your ads will work more quickly and cheaply.

Start your ads off in a Campaign with the objective of Post Engagement. Put all the ads you want to test in an Engagement Campaign and serve them to audiences you typically use in your Conversions Campaigns. Let these ads run for a few days (the more you spend, the quicker you will see results), and check back to see which ones are receiving the most engagement.

Facebook will naturally push your budget to the ads that first receive attention. As your budget disperses among your ads, you will get an idea of the ones that will perform based on the level of engagement they are receiving. After you’ve spent $20-$30 on this engagement campaign, you’ll have a good idea of which ads you’ll want to run in your conversions campaign based on the level of engagement you see on these ads!

An image of a Facebook ad on a phone attracting likes.

What are Facebook Engagement Ads?

Facebook engagement ads are exactly what you think they are. They are ads that run to gain more engagement! Engagement on Facebook ads consists of a few different things. The main goal is to get likes and comments. Videos viewed for 3 seconds or more in an Engagement Campaign are also considered a form of “engagement.”

It is highly recommended to not run videos within your Post Engagement Campaigns because Video ads tend to suck up all your budget since it’s very easy for Facebook to complete the Engagement Objective (3-second video view) on a video. Typically, if you want to get people to watch your videos, you want to run these in a campaign with the objective of Video Views. You want to focus on your Engagement Campaigns on Ads with static images.

The Average Facebook Post/Ad Engagement Rate

A study from Social Insider breaks down the average Facebook engagement rate by industry. As you can see below, the average engagement rate varies based on what page you’re promoting:

A graph from Social Insider displaying Facebook engagement rate by post percentages.

According to the study, the average post engagement rate across all industries is 0.27 percent. Because it stimulates sentiments and reactions from a variety of audiences, as well as hate speeches directed at politicians, politics have seen an increase in their average post engagement rate compared to many other industries. According to the research, politics’ typical engagement rate has almost tripled compared to previous years. 

Although sales in the fashion and eCommerce industries increased during the pandemic, they saw interaction rates decrease. This is mainly due to Facebook redoing its algorithms to encourage businesses to spend more money on their advertising platform. The lower the engagement rate is, the more traffic a company will typically pay for. 

Engagement rates change by industry and also change by type of ad. Recruitment ads and conference ads are likely going to have different engagement rates than traditional Facebook advertising.

Why Engagement on Facebook Ads Matter

Engagement on your Facebook Ads is significant for achieving results in your campaigns. Think about the last time you saw an Ad on Facebook or Instagram that you actually wanted to look at. Did this ad have 0 likes and 0 comments? Did it look like you were the very first person to see this ad? Probably not. Your Ads NEED to have social proof to perform well.

Social Proof

Ads that perform well on Facebook and Instagram already have engagement. That’s why it’s so important to run your ads in a Post Engagement Campaign before running them to cold traffic in a conversions campaign. Ads that have comments from people who have used the product or service saying how much they enjoy it greatly benefit your strategy. 

An advertisement with 453 likes compared to 2 likes will also provide a world of difference in results. This is what we like to call “Social Proof.” Likes and comments show that other people are interested or already own or have used your product and enjoy it/find it useful. You, the owner or marketer for the brand, may want to boast about how great the product is in your Facebook ads, but you need other people to complete the ad with likes and comments testifying how well it works/how great it really is.

Increase in Followers

Engrossing content on your Facebook/Instagram Ads will result in a higher engagement rate to your Facebook/Instagram page. The most interaction occurs when people are interested in what you have to say. When your followers find out that your posts and ads are frequently exciting and engaging, they will be more inclined to follow your page closely, recommend it/share it with friends and be more inclined to purchase what you have to offer.

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