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How to Avoid Costly Mistakes in Your Lead Generation Landing Page


Your lead generation strategies and tools are working and you’re landing tons of traffic on your website. That’s great!

But once you get that click, is your landing page living up to the bait?

Once you’ve got an effective lead generation method, the work is not over. That landing page needs to be perfect. This is the page that will inform your potential customers’ first impression and will stick with them, and it will likely determine if you’ve gained a customer or lost one.

I’ve looked closely at many landing pages and can tell almost immediately if the business is bound to succeed or fail. There are many common mistakes that business owners make when it comes to their landing page, from the type of page, layout, usability, and more.

Luckily, avoiding these mistakes is fully within your control and I’m here to help you create that perfect lead generation landing page.

The Ideal Landing Page

So, what exactly should the ideal landing page look like? The answer: while there are plenty of recommended features and layouts, there is no set format.

Just as each business is unique, so is each webpage. You want to create a landing page that is not only user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, but that also represents your brand in a unique and rememberable way.

Check out the infographic on optimizing your design and layout for conversions to see how we build things out for our clients.

What Should Be on Your Landing Page?

For sites that require an account for full use, lots of landing pages take the shape of providing a form to begin with. These forms are generally pretty simple, only requiring a small amount of information so as not to intimidate the potential customer.

Other effective pages take a slower, natural approach by providing a welcome and a few overviews of different information, before offering a form or sign up option near the bottom of the page.

Still another great idea is to find a way to demonstrate what your business or products do on the landing page. This is ideal particularly if your company focuses on tech and you can directly demonstrate what you do in a fun and creative way.

If you want to see examples of some great landing pages, check out this list on HubSpot.

Design and Professionality

Regardless of your business or how you choose to set up your page, it’s very important that the design of your page is clean, easy to follow, and eye-catching.

If I can’t immediately figure out how to navigate a webpage right off the bat, I’m likely to quickly click out and your potential customers will do the same, resulting in a loss of leads and potential revenue.

Also, be sure that the language you use is inviting and engaging so that your leads feel welcome to your page and your business. Ensure any functions that lead to other pages are fully-functional—  we all know how frustrating a faulty website can be.

  • Don’t Forget to Include Contact Information. It may be a good idea to list contact information at the bottom of the page, or at least provide an easy tab to access it from your homepage. Recent studies show that businesses that don’t provide full, easy to access contact information are far more likely to lose leads than those that do.

How to Improve Your Landing Page

But how can you be sure that your landing page is functioning as well as you think it is? And if it isn’t, how should you go about fixing it? Here are a few helpful tests and things to think about in structuring, or restructuring, your landing page.

Conversion Rates

Let’s talk about those all-important conversion rates for a moment. It’s pretty self-explanatory that you want your lead pages to be delivering the highest conversion rate possible, because that means more profits for your business and that your website is working effectively.

Finding your conversion rate can be valuable information because it lets you know how well your website is performing, and it tips you off if something needs to change.

  • Look into Average Conversion Rates. As of 2018, the average conversion rate for lead generation landing pages is 4.02%, according to a study conducted by Unbounce. You shouldn’t determine how well your landing page is performing, however, just based off this average. Instead, look into the average conversion rates of your specific industry to see how your business stacks up.
  • Find Your Conversion Rate Data. You can gather your conversion rate data along with other information by using tools such as Unbounce’s Landing Page Analyzer, which works to analyze your page’s functionality and provide useful insights and tips.

A/B Testing

One of my favorite tools to test the efficiency of web pages and other marketing materials is A/B, or split, testing. A/B testing allows you to directly test variations of your landing page against an original so that you can accumulate meaningful data.

In its essence, you take your original “control” page, and modify it, making it your “variation” page. The change can be as minuscule or drastic as you desire.

With A/B testing, then, visitors to your website are randomly shown one or the other page in a random split, and the activity data and conversion rates are gathered for each version. This is a great way to gather direct data and see what changes have a clear impact, taking the guesswork out of it.


If you’re just starting out in creating a lead generation landing page, or you’re completely revamping your old one, try checking out Leadpages. Leadpages is a landing page building tool that offers plenty of design options and customized features that are meant to create a professional and distinct-looking webpage.

In addition to its web building functions, Leadpages also provides testing services to ensure that your landing page is ready to go and generate those leads. It integrates smoothly into social media and other platforms, so sharing your page is nice and easy.

Try Asking a Digital Marketing Agency for Advice

While software and tools are great for tracking what is and isn’t performing for a landing page, that critical and creative human eye is irreplaceable.

If you’re having trouble generating leads from your landing page and you know the problem but can’t quite seem to fix it, you may want to try asking a digital marketing agency for an opinion. Playing the digital game is what we digital marketers do best, and we’ll know the best way to tackle your problems head-on and turn them around into high conversion rates.

Interested in getting that perfect lead generation landing page and generating those leads? Grow your business by reaching out to our team for a free consultation today.

Dave Conklin

Dave Conklin

Dave’s not just a marketing nerd, but a business growth expert. He and his team have helped more than 1,000 companies over 20 years to create business growth.

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