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4 Proven Ways to Keep Visitors on Your Website


Websites might have different looks and feels, but proven ways to keep your visitors on your website exist. These proven ways can help boost your website’s engagement, on-page time and traffic while reducing bounce and exit rates.The most important thing when developing a website and its pages and posts is to always be mindful of visitors’ intent. As you’re writing content, you want to ask yourself these questions:

  • Is this page providing good content for the user?
  • Is this page providing valuable information for the user?
  • Or is this page solely a navigational page, meant to direct visitors to different places? In this case, you want to make it easy for them to be redirected.

Let’s explore four proven ways to keep visitors on your website.

Utilize Video to Keep Visitors Interested and on Page

One very vital and proven way to keep visitors on your website is to utilize video. Video is very powerful in keeping people on websites because it can keep visitors engaged and wanting to watch the whole video, especially if you produce longer-form informational videos or explain concepts that are not easy to communicate via text. People are more apt to watch videos now than ever before.

Embed Video to Encourage Visitor Engagement

You can embed YouTube videos or third-party videos on your website pages and posts to keep visitors interested in your on-page content. This particularly helps in mobile use because it’s sometimes overlooked how much a visitor would have to scroll and scroll and scroll—they can get tired of scrolling. If visitors can watch a video that’s much simpler to explain concepts and then there’s a call to action, you’re probably going to get more conversions out of this and also keep visitors longer on this particular page and on your website.

Transcribe Video and Include Copy on Page

A powerful way of harnessing the added power of video is to transcribe the copy below the video. People who produce podcasts often create podcasts and then transcribe them. Some people like to read compared with watching videos and some people like to watch videos. Some others like to listen to videos and scan the copy.

Video Can Be Shot on Phones or Professionally

In today’s world, you definitely want to keep people on your website by utilizing video a lot. You can do this through your mobile phone or record video professionally with the goal of getting video on your website. Use of video will help provide a different graphical flavor of content and also keep people engaged on your website.

Break up Large Text Sections on Web Pages

Another proven way to keep visitors on your website is to make good use of sections in breaking up content. So you want to think about how you can break up long sections of text. A lot of people want to just write text and more text and more text as part of long-form content to get ranked for SEO purposes. What people don’t always realize is whether their readers are going to actually find value in this content. So keeping people on the website is very important, and usage of headers and visual components is needed.

If you have a lot of text, you need to think about how it can be displayed or be broken up with videos, images, graphs or lists or other engaging components—something that will make the page as a whole more visually appealing for your visitors. I recommend using some charts when possible, but make sure that, when you do use charts and related visual components, they’re mobile-responsive. It’s very important for mobile users to be able to view these graphical components.

Be Sure Not to Distract Users

Yet another proven way to keep visitors on your website is to eliminate or minimize distractions. You don’t want distractions such as items flashing all over the place, opt-ins and things covering the text or annoying push banners. You want to make sure that the content section is very clean, that visitors can see the content clearly and that they’re able to read the copy easily.

It’s critical to ensure your fonts and business’ branding is consistent throughout your website. Overall, you want to give a premium experience to your visitors. If you have things flying in and across the screen, creating distractions, people are more apt to leave the website very quickly.

This is especially true if you are trying to generate leads, sometimes employing the K.I.S.S. principle (keep it simple stupid!) will yield the best results.  Recently I was working on a real estate site.  After multiple split testing of the homepage, the most basic version one.  A clear concise course of action for the user to follow will yield the best results.

A Table of Contents Can Increase Time on Page

Finally, a fourth proven way to keep visitors on your website is to feature a table of contents. If you have a long piece of content, you always want to have a table of contents to assist visitors in navigating information.

You want to enable visitors to zoom down on sections that are more important to them. Especially if you’re writing long-form guides or content with 1,500 words or longer, you want to feature clickable headings in the table of contents so people can get to each section that they want to access without having to scroll so far down the page, a tiring exercise on mobile phone screens. This will help keep your visitors on your website longer.

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