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Ultra Bright Lightz



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Vehicle Lights


New York, USA


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About Ultra Bright Lightz

Ultra Bright Lightz was founded in 2006 with the mission to provide first responders with affordable, high-quality LED warning lights. The company prioritizes safety, quality, and customer satisfaction, offering industry-leading products backed by a team of experts and specialists.


Justin Tomney, a former volunteer firefighter, founded Ultra Bright Lightz after experiencing the challenges of the emergency vehicle lighting industry firsthand. The market was dominated by expensive, outdated options, making it difficult for volunteers, small businesses, and local departments to properly outfit their vehicles. Recognizing the need for change, Justin established Ultra Bright Lightz to offer a more efficient, affordable, and customer-focused solution.


Seventeen years later, Ultra Bright Lightz has become a leading supplier of emergency vehicle lighting equipment. The company offers thousands of in-stock items, 24-hour processing on most orders, competitive prices, and industry-leading support. With a constantly evolving product lineup, Ultra Bright Lightz ensures that first responders have access to the most advanced LED technology. Despite its growth, the company maintains a startup spirit, continually striving for improvement and innovation.


Specific Goals

Ultra Bright Lightz aimed to:

Increase Sales and Enhance Profitability

The primary goals for Ultra Bright Lightz in seeking support from were to increase sales directly from their website and enhance overall profitability. They aimed to leverage's expertise to drive more traffic to their site, convert visitors into customers, and optimize their marketing strategies to boost their profit margins. The focus was on harnessing the full potential of their website to reduce dependency on third-party sales and establish a more lucrative and sustainable revenue stream.


Before partnering with, Ultra Bright Lightz faced significant challenges with their previous marketing agency:

Lack of direct communication

Communication was a major issue; it was always difficult for Justin Tomney, the CEO, to get a hold of someone. He often felt passed around from one person to another and questioned the transparency and effectiveness of the agency’s efforts. This lack of direct communication led to a feeling of disconnection and inefficiency.

Low growth

Additionally, the business had reached a sticking point in its growth. Despite having a strong presence on Amazon, website sales were lagging behind. This was a critical issue because sales made directly through the website offered a much higher profit margin compared to those made through third-party platforms. Ultra Bright Lightz needed a solution to overcome these hurdles and accelerate their growth.


“Switching over to 5K really allowed us to scale up our Google ads and within just a few weeks, we immediately saw the results of their efforts. Our ROAS has almost doubled. I wouldn’t say 5K just delivered on what they promised. They’ve gone above and beyond, and the experience has been much better than we expected. For anyone considering switching to 5K, it’s definitely a no-brainer.”

Justin Tomney

CEO - Ultra Bright Lightz

Strategies Implemented

To address the challenges faced by Ultra Bright Lightz, employed a multifaceted marketing strategy combining intent-based marketing with interruptive marketing techniques. This approach aimed to reach a broader base of potential customers by targeting both those actively searching for vehicle lighting solutions and those who could be persuaded through strategic advertising placements.

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SEO Optimization

The SEO strategy involved targeted content expansion on Ultra Bright Lightz's category pages, ensuring they ranked highly for a wide range of relevant search terms. In addition to on-page optimization, implemented a specific and targeted backlink acquisition strategy to build site authority. This combination of content and link-building efforts helped improve organic search visibility and drove a steady stream of organic traffic to the website.

Google Ads & Google Shopping utilized Google Ads and Google Shopping to ensure Ultra Bright Lightz appeared prominently in search results for relevant vehicle lighting options. This intent-based strategy focused on capturing high-intent traffic from users actively searching for products that Ultra Bright Lightz offers. By leveraging advanced targeting options, including lookalike audiences, was able to reach people similar to Ultra Bright Lightz's existing customers, thereby expanding their reach and driving qualified traffic to their website.

Email Marketing took over optimizing Ultra Bright Lightz's email workflows in Klaviyo, focusing on maximizing customer lifetime value and converting subscribers who had not yet made a purchase. This included managing twice-weekly email broadcasts to keep the audience engaged and informed about new products, promotions, and updates. By refining email content and targeting, helped Ultra Bright Lightz maintain a strong connection with their audience and drive repeat business.

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Interruptive Marketing

To complement the intent-based strategies, implemented interruptive marketing techniques, such as display ads and social media advertising on platforms like TikTok. These ads targeted potential customers who might not be actively searching for vehicle lighting but fit the profile of ideal customers. This approach helped raise brand awareness and attracted new customers to Ultra Bright Lightz's website.

and Results


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Content Expansion and PowerPage

To enhance the SEO performance of Ultra Bright Lightz, developed a PowerPage on the topic of "Work Lights." This PowerPage was meticulously researched and crafted to be the definitive piece of content for its keyword group. Using a proprietary tool, integrated all relevant keywords seamlessly into the content, ensuring the page would rank for as many keywords as possible. Following the creation of the PowerPage, executed a targeted backlink acquisition strategy, building high-quality backlinks to improve the page's ranking for a broad spectrum of keywords.

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Trust and Expansion of Services

The successful implementation and tangible results from the Google Ads and SEO efforts were pivotal in building trust with Ultra Bright Lightz. This trust enabled to expand its services, taking on the management of Ultra Bright Lightz's social media ads and email marketing campaigns. The seamless integration of these additional services further optimized Ultra Bright Lightz's overall marketing strategy and contributed to their growth.

Google Ads Optimization collaborated closely with the Ultra Bright Lightz team to optimize their Shopify website, ensuring it was primed for effective advertising. Key steps included creating detailed product feeds for Google Shopping and building optimized Google Ads campaigns focusing on crucial products, particularly the Z-Flash product line. To provide transparent and real-time insights, built a custom dashboard in Google Looker Studio, allowing the Ultra Bright Lightz team to monitor campaign performance continuously.

Actions Taken
to Address Challenges

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Improving Communication & Transparency

To address the communication challenges experienced with their previous agency, established regular bi-weekly video calls with the Ultra Bright Lightz team. These calls included key team members from both the Google Ads and SEO departments, as well as the account manager. This direct line of communication ensured that any questions could be answered promptly, and necessary changes could be made in real-time. This transparent and responsive approach was instrumental in building a strong, collaborative relationship.

Key Milestones
and Phases

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Improving Communication & Transparency

1. Initial Assessment and Strategy Development

Conducted a comprehensive assessment of Ultra Bright Lightz's existing marketing efforts and developed a tailored strategy.

2. Content Creation and SEO Implementation

Created the PowerPage and implemented the targeted backlink strategy.

3. Google Ads and Website Optimization

Optimized the Shopify website, built product feeds, and launched Google Ads campaigns.

4. Custom Dashboard Development

Created a real-time performance monitoring dashboard in Google Looker Studio.

5. Expansion of Services

Earned the trust to manage social media ads and email marketing, further integrating and optimizing the marketing strategy.



Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) on Google Ads


purchases from social ads


Visitors from social ads

Quantitative Outcomes

Google Ads Performance

Social Ads Performance

Organic Search Performance

Email Marketing Performance

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Qualitative Outcomes

Client Feedback

The results achieved through the collaborative efforts between and Ultra Bright Lightz have been transformative for the client. Justin Tomney, CEO of Ultra Bright Lightz, highlighted the exceptional service and transparency provided by He praised the direct communication with the team members running the campaigns and the ability to make real-time changes during their bi-weekly calls. This level of responsiveness and expertise was a significant improvement over their previous agency experience, where communication and accountability were lacking. The success in increasing website traffic, conversions, and overall profitability has solidified the trust between Ultra Bright Lightz and Justin's positive experience led him to agree to be one of's featured testimonials, where he recorded a video sharing his satisfaction and the positive impact of the partnership.

Anecdotal Evidence

One of the standout successes was the implementation of the PowerPage strategy, which significantly boosted the company's organic search performance. This carefully researched and optimized content piece not only drove substantial traffic but also enhanced Ultra Bright Lightz's authority in the vehicle lighting industry. The targeted backlink acquisition further propelled their search rankings, contributing to the overall increase in conversions and revenue from organic search. Another noteworthy achievement was the custom dashboard created in Google Looker Studio, which provided the Ultra Bright Lightz team with real-time insights into their campaign performance. This transparency allowed for immediate adjustments and optimization, ensuring that the marketing strategies were always aligned with the company's goals.

Client Testimonial

To highlight the positive feedback from Justin Tomney, the CEO of Ultra Bright Lightz, we'll include key points from his testimonial video:

Direct Communication and Responsiveness

“With 5K, the difference is night and day. We have video calls with them, and we get to see the people who we're actually working with. They can answer our questions on the spot and make changes live during the calls.”

Results and Performance

“Switching over to 5K really allowed us to scale up our Google ads and within just a few weeks, we immediately saw the results of their efforts. Our ROAS has almost doubled.”

Expansion and Growth

“We’ve been able to ramp up and get into new avenues like TikTok and cold email campaigns. These options just weren’t available before 5K, and now, with their team and expertise, we’re seeing great results.”​​

Overall Experience

“I wouldn’t say 5K just delivered on what they promised. They’ve gone above and beyond, and the experience has been much better than we expected. For anyone considering switching to 5K, it’s definitely a no-brainer.”

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The partnership between and Ultra Bright Lightz has proven to be a remarkable success, showcasing the power of strategic marketing and effective collaboration. By leveraging a combination of intent-based and interruptive marketing techniques, addressed the key challenges faced by Ultra Bright Lightz and significantly boosted their online presence, sales, and overall profitability.

Final Thoughts

The partnership between and Ultra Bright Lightz is a testament to the impact of strategic marketing and the importance of a trusted marketing partner. By combining expertise, transparency, and innovative approaches, has helped Ultra Bright Lightz achieve significant milestones and set the stage for continued growth. For businesses seeking a transformative marketing partnership, offers a proven path to success.

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