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Customer & Challenges

Before Marygrove Awnings started working with our team at 5K, they were working with another digital marketing agency to achieve growth in their business. The other agency was good, but their growth began to hit a plateau. The owner of Marygrove had a desire for continued growth and to launch new markets.

Upon meeting with their internal leadership we strategized a scalable plan that would allow Marygrove to now only grow but to do so profitably.  Our aim was to bring together many of the elements that they were already doing into a lead generation machine that could be placed into any market.  

Through our efforts over the last year we have been able to increase the number of qualified appointments by 50% while also decreasing lead acquisition costs by over 20%. 


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& Approach

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Technical Strategy

When we first sat down with Mike and his team, we discovered that it was going to be a challenge start new campaigns and increase the number of leads YOY from their previous agency. This challenge was furthered amplified since we were not increasing budget & we were launching into new markets. Diving deep into the data we were able to identify the channels that drove results and eliminate those that did not.

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Site Design & Development

We analyzed how users were interacting with the website, where they were clicking and submitting forms. Based on that data, we suggested a refreshed look, one that streamlined user behavior and made Marygrove stand out from their competition. Additionally we added in custom integrations to allow data to populate into their CRM with tracking.


PPC & SEO Growth

Prior to working with us most of the focus had been on Adwords & Bing campaigns. We were able to expand the paid side to include Home Advisor. We also took the large amounts of data that had been collected and started to work on an informed organic strategy. By focusing on the keywords that mattered, we were able to quickly rank in new markets and drive business via SEO.

Challenges & Our Solution

Outdated Lead Forms

When we came on board we noticed that many of the lead forms on the site had not been updated for a few years. They were not user friendly and required the user to input a lot of fields. By reducing the fields, we were able to increase conversions and the effectiveness of our efforts.

Leads to Appointment Conversion

One immediate area that we improved was the % of leads that converted into appointments. We did so by helping the internal sales team understand the importance of calling within a certain time frame. Different lead sources will react differently to response time. The second change we made was implementing a self-schedule feature on the website, that allowed us to bypass the need for our team to contact the lead once they filled out a form.

Launching New Markets

Previously Marygrove had tried and failed to expand their reach. Using data from previous campaigns we strategized and put together a go-to-market plan with KPI’s. The campaign was a big success and even ticked off a few local competitors.

Connecting The Moving Parts

Lead attribution and making sure all leads are tracked correctly is a huge challenge for many companies. We worked alongside Marygrove’s internal IT team to help facilitate changes that lead us to greater understanding of our marketing efforts. This was crucial for internal leaders making business decisions as data now informed marketing spend.

From Our Client

Results from our efforts

Paid marketing is not a set-it-and-forget-it service. It takes creativity, imagination, and a willingness to test and change in order to succed. We keep a close eye on the money you spend to maximize the results you receive.

Organic Traffic

Link Building

Google Ads

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