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9 Lead Generation Tools Every Top Business Needs in 2021


I love working with power tools. No, not drills, staple guns, or table saws…I’m talking digital tools with the power to make a world of difference to businesses across the World Wide Web. Experiencing the benefits of the growing surge of lead generation tools over the past year has been exhilarating.

Not all tools are equal in their power. You might require a different set of tools than that which fits the needs of another company. Factors that contribute to the tools you need include the size and industry of your business along with its marketing strategy and goals.

It’s 2021 and the digital age is booming. With the rapidly increasing number of options out there, it is more important than ever to be selective in the services and tools you select to enhance your digital presence and outperform your competition.

9 Top Lead Generation Tools on the Market Today

So, what are the hottest lead generation tools available? And how do you find the best tools to create real, positive results?

Listed below are nine of my favorite tools that will help give your business a head start.

1. Quora

While technically a form of social media, I still like using Quora as a platform for generating leads.

Due to its question-answer nature in the business realm, Quora is seen as a very professional site with credible information. Think Yahoo! Answers, but with specified, trusted information.

As a business owner, you can search for topics and likely find dozens if not hundreds of questions that match your area of expertise. This gives you a great opportunity to publicly share your knowledge and likewise enhance your brand presence and credibility.

Quora is a more indirect way of developing leads than through other tools on this list, but it’s great for forming trusted relationships between you and the question-poser, along with anyone else who may benefit from your input.

Try putting your company’s contact information at the end of your response and you’ll be even more likely to develop genuine, strong leads.

2. Survicate

Survicate is a tool that provides widgets on website pages that gather information by surveying the site visitors. You can program the survey questions yourself and even format the questions to lead your customers to contact options for your business in a less salesy, more conversational manner.

Survicate is also a great product because of its data analysis features. These features help business owners and marketers identify lead and customer behaviors and trends in order to better market to their target audience. It even offers website optimization and email marketing configuration features.


I like for the way it integrates right into its parent system, Salesforce, and provides all the data you could imagine on prospective clients.

Based on web pages and profiles, is an expert site at compiling all the data you need to know about a potential client, from their email address to job title. This is an ideal tool for learning about key targets you may already have in mind but still need to find the right way to reach.

You can even customize what types of data you want to track so you’re not scanning forever for specific stats. The site is constantly calculating data, so you can trust your statistics are up to date and accurate.

4. Leadpages

Leadpages is the perfect program for building landing pages that convert. I can’t stress enough how important building a landing page is for securing qualified business leads.

Your landing page may be your business’s first impression on potential clients and customers, so it needs to pop while remaining professional.

That’s where Leadpages comes in. It provides useful design tools and customizable features to easily build attractive, easily navigable landing pages, and I love that it tests fully optimized web pages to ensure that your landing page is everything it should be. It also easily integrates into social media platforms and other marketing tools, letting you create and market your page all from one hub.

5. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If you’re in B2B sales, in particular, I recommend LinkedIn Sales Navigator. A subscription that you can purchase to work with your LinkedIn system, the program provides customized lead generations.

Spouting the three key factors of “target,” “understand,” and “engage,” LinkedIn Sales Navigator aims to recommend you the most promising leads possible and offer an organic way to reach out and engage with them. Once you’ve found the information you need, you can download it straight into your CRM.

6. Turnstile

If you’re like me and enjoy employing video marketing, then Turnstile is a great tool for you. Created by the makers of Wistia, Turnstile allows you to include an optional subscription form during your video.

By making the form appear over the video, you’ll get more attention and receive higher traffic than through a link posted below the video as almost an afterthought. Due to its optional nature, the leads you do receive from this are likely promising.

The best part about this is that you can time your form to appear at any point during the video. This gives you full control, allowing you to hit your audience when they’re most engrossed in your video.

7. Intercom

If you’ve spent a fair amount of time on the internet lately, you’ve probably come across web pages that feature a pop-up text bubble with a friendly face asking if you need any help. (We even have this feature on our own web page!)

It’s also likely that this chat window is being powered by Intercom. Intercom allows your team to communicate directly with any customer who visits your webpage instantly through the click of a button. You can talk in text form or even provide an option for video chat to create the most personable and customized experience possible all in real time.

8. Datanyze

Datanyze is a tool geared toward prospecting. It analyzes the technology your prospective customers are using, and it even recommends new prospects based on that as well.

Datanyze will analyze web domains and provide you with company information and statistics, giving your sales team tons of information necessary to determine if a lead is worth pursuing. This saves your sales team hours of research and outreach per lead, allotting more time to contact more leads and, in turn, land more clients.

9. SlideShare

SlideShare is another cool tool and website partnered with LinkedIn that’s geared toward B2B marketing. Using SlideShare, you can create a set of slides that provide information about your company or related topics.

Your slides can include infographics, text, videos, documents, or a mix of these types of content. Fully customizable, you can create just about anything!

To me, though, the biggest benefit is that if you create a set of slides that are well-organized and informative, there is a high probability that your slides will be featured on SlideShare’s homepage! This will get your website a ton of traffic, gaining potential leads in the process.

Final Thoughts on Lead Generation Tools

So, when it comes to lead generation tools, the digital realm is packed with a wide variety just waiting to be used.

Some you can take advantage of for free, like Quora, while others require a subscription for a small fee. First, analyze the needs of your business. How do you currently land leads? How effective are the tools you’re currently using? Identifying holes in your lead generating technique can help you choose which lead generation tool is right for you. Seeking a digital marketing agency’s opinion on the best tools for you is also a useful way to identify and fulfill your needs.

If you’re ready to get started on determining what lead generation tools will most benefit your business, contact us for a free consultation. Our business growth experts are waiting to help you maximize your quality leads and boost your business in 2019.

Dave Conklin

Dave Conklin

Dave’s not just a marketing nerd, but a business growth expert. He and his team have helped more than 1,000 companies over 20 years to create business growth.

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