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Flight Control Takes off With 5K | Formerly Conklin Media Helping Drive Sales


Producer of an eco-friendly, humane and 100 percent effective goose repellent, Flight Control® is enjoying a breakthrough 2020, with its team anticipating even stronger sales in 2021.

Flight Control Plus is a goose repellent applied to turf. It effectively repels geese without harming other wildlife or people. Created in 1997, this landmark product is odorless, waterproof, long-lasting, works around the clock and is virtually undetectable by people.

Flight Control Plus helps homeowners and business owners rid their properties of geese, delivering superior results without using noise, netting, wires or odor and without causing any interference with wildlife or human activity.

Compared with its competition, Flight Control Plus costs significantly less for a year-round program and is much more effective, said Billy Hackett, Flight Control’s national product manager. “Flight Control is virtually undetectable to people,” he said. “There’s no unpleasant smell, no unsightly objects to prop up in your yard. You just spray it, and the geese learn to avoid the area.”

Flight Control Benefits From a Potent Mixture of Digital Marketing Efforts

Flight Control joined forces with the 5K | Formerly Conklin Media team in 2019. The business growth agency got to work on enhancing content marketing by creating special PowerPages® and making inroads with search engine optimization (SEO) and link building.

All these improvements have combined to increase website traffic 399 percent year over year.

“Despite the craziness that 2020 has brought, we have managed to have our best year’s sales in our 20-plus-year history,” Hackett said. “We definitely give a lot of credit to 5K | Formerly Conklin Media with helping us achieve this during such a trying year. With more and more organic traffic to our site, people found us and purchased our products or found a local professional who can apply it for them. Conklin helped us figure out what people were searching for and devised a game plan to help acquire that traffic to our site.”

Whereas Flight Control’s previous partners failed to fully understand the company’s product, the 5K | Formerly Conklin Media team took the time to understand how Flight Control Plus works and who its target audiences are, Hacket said.

“We have always struggled with getting our brand out there online where people can find out about us,” he said. “5K | Formerly Conklin Media helped up conquer that hurdle. We are now one of the highest-ranking sites for people searching relevant terms. With 5K | Formerly Conklin Media’s help, brand-new customers were able to find us online and learn about how we can help solve their goose problems!”

With an Improved Website Checkout Experience, Flight Control Was Cleared for Takeoff in Sales

The 5K | Formerly Conklin Media team also reimagined Flight Control’s product checkout experience, starting with building product pages and extending to the payment process.

“We improved the flow of how you can buy products on the website,” said Josh Eberly, the agency’s chief operating officer. “It was really hard to buy products before, with visitors not knowing where to go and then winding up on PayPal to buy. We streamlined the process and created product pages and checkout pages while moving them to their own independent WooCommerce installation. This change instantly increased sales on their website.”

Facebook Advertising and Helps Bring More Traffic to Flight Control’s Website

Strategizing and executing Facebook advertising for remarketing and cold traffic have turned out to be other critical components of Flight Control’s campaign. The 5K | Formerly Conklin Media team played with different approaches—usually veering into humorous territory—to help bring Flight Control more clicks and prospective customers.

Clever use of photos and dramatic music in videos helped capture the attention of folks plagued by a geese problem on their properties.

Content Refreshes Help Flight Control Gain Better SEO Foothold

Whereas many business growth leaders believe businesses must churn out a stream of new content to rank highly in search engine results as part of search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, some others also find value in breathing life into older pages that are ranking but not as highly as desired.

The 5K | Formerly Conklin Media team saw opportunity to improve on existing pages for Flight Control, and this has turned out to pay dividends for the company. Flight Control’s website climbed in search results pages, with traffic almost quadrupling in a matter of just a few months.

“There’s a lot of power in taking old content and revising it, updating it and building links to it,” Eberly said. “A lot of people miss out on this. It’s not always a matter of creating new content but in revising old content to optimize it to rank better.

“We didn’t create new content here. We just took what they had that was ranking and made it way better, and it became No. 1 in that category.”

Business-to-Consumer Sales Kick in, With Business-to-Business Sales Primed for Growth

Flight Control has long struggled with business-to-consumer sales, Hackett said. Without getting the kind of website traffic the company had the potential to attract, the business-to-consumer pool was small.

The 5K | Formerly Conklin Media team’s efforts helped boost sales enough to create a new problem for Flight Control. “We actually had such a huge increase that we struggled to maintain inventory and had to temporarily deactivate our listing on Amazon to make sure that all our consumers finding their way onto our website organically were able to purchase,” Hackett said. “Now we know what to expect for next year and are looking forward to more of these ‘good problems’!”

The Flight Control team has benefitted from partnering with 5K | Formerly Conklin Media, said Hackett, who has worked with many employees and reports only positive experiences.

“The team at 5K | Formerly Conklin Media understands that they can’t be successful unless they help us to be successful,” he said. “This is why they really figure out what will work best and what doesn’t work. I have recommended other businesses to use 5K | Formerly Conklin Media’s team to help them increase their sales. If there is a way to increase your online presence, I am confident that 5K | Formerly Conklin Media can do it for any business they work with.”

5K Team

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