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Content Specialist

Job Description

5K | Formerly Conklin Media is a fast-growing digital agency that helps companies across North America to grow, using highly defined and profit-focused digital marketing strategies. These strategies often include creating digital assets like white papers, how-to guides, or long form high-value content. This content is shown to our client’s potential customers during different phases of our digital communication with them. We then create retargeting campaigns that push these individuals through a ProfitPath™, leading them to conversion for our customers.

If you’re a highly experienced writer who can look at the big picture of a business growth strategy, learn the voice and objectives of a customer QUICKLY, understand their companies goals, work with our visual media team to create amazing digital assets and ads, and then communicate and report effectively on what you’ve done, we’d love to talk with you about joining our team of business growth strategists.

To be clear, we’re not looking for just a “writer” or a “content” person. We are looking for a business growth pro who understands and can explain how their suggested landing page copy, ad copy, blog posts, and strategies will affect our client’s desired business growth. We need someone who can look at the goal of a business, create a solid strategy based on research, and then execute on that strategy. We need someone who can strategize, create, and is tenacious about execution

Sound like a lot? It is.

We realize that this is a unique qualification. But we’re looking for the few that exist.

What you’ll be doing

Once a new client is brought on board, you’ll attend a kick-off meeting where all of the goals will be discussed with our team and the client’s team. During this meeting, the entire strategy will be discussed. As an example, this strategy could include:

Throughout this process, no one will be holding your hand. It will be your responsibility to get client input, learn the client’s best customers, and put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer to create a great strategy that will get results.

We are looking for world-class talent.

Who you’ll be working with

Our team is made up of experienced designers, coders, SEO Experts, business growth consultants, conversion optimization specialists, writers, and more. We’ve been doing this successfully for years. Our team is unique to the typical agency because we don’t hire specialists. We hire what we call “specializing generalists.”

This is why we’re looking for someone who can build out landing pages, research keywords, write conversion focussed copy, analyze analytics, give ideas on interactive content development, and more. 

Even though we need you to be experienced in all these areas, you’ll be working with a team that overlaps in many of these areas as well, while focusing on their “general specialty.”


We need someone with a massive resume. We aren’t looking for an entry level individual for this position. We’re going to expect you to be fast at what you do and incredibly focussed on attention to detail. To succeed, you’ll need to…

  • Content conversion optimization
  • Inbound marketing
  • Copy strategies that work
  • User Experience as it relates to content placement, image placement, etc.
  • Google Analytics, WordPress, etc.

It is REQUIRED that you have at least 2 years of experience writing content for businesses and executing those strategies. It will be important for us to see REAL examples.

Compensation & Benefits

Health Insurance

Our company provides fully paid health coverage for every full-time employee. Additional family members may be added at the expense of the employee.

Unlimited Time Off

We have an “unlimited time off” policy, which means that if you need off – take off. However, this doesn’t mean that the work doesn’t get done. Our team members are mature and dedicated enough that when they are going to be out of town, they proactively ensure that nothing on their plate is dropped.

Zero Tolerance Gossip Policy

We are dedicated to having an environment where people don’t speak negatively about each other behind their backs. We define gossip as “saying something negative about someone else on the team to a person who can’t fix the situation.” In other words, if you have a concern, speak with your supervisor about it, or address it directly with the person in question.


When our team helps to create profit, we believe in sharing it. Our profit sharing is distributed quarterly and you’ll find us to be more transparent than most companies about our numbers. The calculations for profit sharing are generally based on longevity, so the longer you’re on our team, the better.

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