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7 Digital Marketing Services You Need to Explode Your Brand


In today’s technological age, ignoring digital marketing services is no longer an option. Whether you own a business that operates primarily online or have a physical store, the way you market your brand online is imperative to achieving business success.

As a part of 5K | Formerly Conklin Media, I know all too well how the strategy behind digital marketing has rapidly evolved over the last few years.

Just got a handle on that company Facebook page? That’s great, but that won’t cut it anymore. In order to be successful in marketing your business, you need to reach out to a wide range of platforms and make sure the right content is reaching the right people.

7 Digital Marketing Services for Brand Development

Making sure that your digital marketing is on-point is imperative. But, how do you do all of this?

Luckily, our team at 5K | Formerly Conklin Media is here to help you out by listing some of the best digital marketing services available. Read on to learn more!

1. Developing a Multi-Platform Social Media Presence

As I mentioned above, Facebook alone just won’t cut it anymore. While your business should be active on Facebook and utilizing it to expand your brand and gain recognition, you definitely should not rely solely on the platform.

As the amount of Facebook users in the upper generations increase, those in the younger generations flock to different platforms to call their own. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat—all these and more are important tools to take advantage of to ensure you’re reaching a wide audience.

I am most definitely not saying, however, to spread duplicate material. Different types of people use different types of social networks, so you want to ensure that the material you’re putting out there is customized to the right age group. This will ensure that you’re appealing your business in the right way.

Also, raise your hand if you’re active on more than one form of social media. Just about everyone? I thought so. Creating and sharing different types of material on different platforms will keep your business from growing stale to those that run across it on various sites.

2. The Importance of Being Reviewed

It is important to encourage your customers to review your company online when they have a positive experience. Your average viewer is now not only interested in what your business has to say about itself and its products, but also in what other, unbiased people have to say.

It’s simple: the higher your overall rating on web services such as Google or Amazon, the more likely a person is to give your business or product a shot. In a time where time itself is growing increasingly valuable, no one wants to waste it and potential customers will pass quickly by something that is low-rated.

So, how do you ensure you have that idealized, high rating?

  • Get Your Customers to Review You. Encourage your customers to review you, both on your website and in-person. Those that have a good experience will help you out, and while this inherently will come with a few bad reviews, just try to emphasize your good service so that the good outweighs the bad.
  • None Is Not Better. Also, don’t let yourself fall into the trap of thinking that you are immune to the pitfalls of online reviews and ratings because you have none—a business with no reviews is likely to make the casual browser skeptical and even pass you over for an alternative that offers more certainty.

3. Focused PPC Advertising

I’ve found that pay-per-click, or PPC, advertising can be an effective way to generate web traffic if used correctly. In addition to ads at the top of Google searches, PPC advertising has also become increasingly popular and important on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

I don’t recommend that you just go paying for advertising everywhere willy-nilly, though. By identifying your target audience and the sites they most interact with, you can selectively choose which websites to engage in PPC advertising with so that your marketing is effective, and your money is well-spent.

4. Content Marketing

Creating effective content marketing is an important way to establish and grow any brand. In the age of digital overload, you need to do whatever it takes to make your business not only grab your audience’s attention, but also matter to them.

Effective content marketing will not only build your web traffic but also establish trust with your potential customers.

Good content marketing is at first engaging and then educational. Catch your audience’s attention so that they keep reading, and once you have them on that hook, provide the helpful information that they came for (like hopefully I’m doing right now for you).

By consistently providing engaging, informative, and honest content, you will build a respectable brand that is more likely to succeed.

5. Custom Web Design

In 2018, none of us can afford to have a website that is anything other than professional and engaging.

When potential customers click on a website, they are judging what they see. We all know how grating it can be to interact with a website that is stylistically or technologically outdated. This winds up being a complete turn-off for the business as a whole.

So, make sure that not only your content is engaging, but also the package it comes in. Try as hard as we might not to, we do initially judge books by their covers.

6. Track Your Mentions

Tracking your mentions on various social media platforms is a great way to gather important info and data about the public perception of your company. This will not only help you identify what platforms your brand is most effectively engaging with, but also track what is being said about it.

There are multiple services available such as that are geared toward mention tracking that make collecting this data nice and easy.

7. Audience Analytics—Getting the Right Content to the Right People

This has come up a bit on the surface of some of the other items on this list. Determining the audience you want to reach, and how to reach them pervades many forms of effective digital marketing strategies.

By tracking your audience analytics, you can make sure that your content is getting to the RIGHT people: the people who will involve themselves with your business and increase that ever-important ROI.

What Digital Marketing Agencies Can Do for You

So, now that I’ve told you some of the best ways to digitally market your company, how should you go about implementing them?

You can track and use a lot of this data yourself, but it’s also a great idea to invest in an agency like 5K | Formerly Conklin Media that offers these digital marketing services. We will provide you with the best means of interpreting data and developing strategies from it.

Are you full of ideas and find that you’re ready to take on digital marketing? Contact us a for a free consultation so we can discuss how we can help you make your brand explode.

Dave Conklin

Dave Conklin

Dave’s not just a marketing nerd, but a business growth expert. He and his team have helped more than 1,000 companies over 20 years to create business growth.

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